Five Minutes With... Max Dundas

He's been there with Loughran Gallery since day one - find out what makes Max Dundas, founder and director of boutique PR company Dundas Communications, the perfect complement to our little Loughran Gallery team!


Max Dundas Loughran Gallery Pop Up


Give us your top three tips for success:

  • Working like a dog
  • A healthy dose of good fortune
  • Keep the old ego in check



If you hadn’t ended up running your business where do you think life would have taken you?

If I was a bit less of a wimp I would have loved to have been a photographer. Some of my best friends are photographers and working with clients to create images is definitely one of the loveliest parts of what I do.



What’s your favourite place in the world to be?

Geographically speaking it would be Macaroni beach in Mustique but wherever I am in the world I am happiest if my son and wife are there too.



When you’re not working how do you chill out?

Eating Weetabix with Marlow Dundas.



What was the last book you bought?

I don’t have time to read a lot of books and generally I only buy photography books but the last novel I bought and read (and loved) was Stoner by John Williams


Tell us something people couldn’t possibly guess about you…

I’m addicted to Big Brother



How do you like to prepare for a really important event?

I only ever get nervous if I haven’t done enough preparation so I would say that before a big event or meeting or anything really I just like to make sure that I overload myself with information to make sure that I can work in the best way possible. So preparation is king. And food. its hard to relax and eat when we are working an event so I make sure I'm full by the time I arrive!



What is the most unusual piece of art you own?

A hideous picture of three poodles dressed as famous films stars. Im not sure it counts as art and it certainly isn’t tasteful but for some reason I can’t part with it.



When you buy a piece of art what considerations do you think about?

Do I like it?

Does Juliette Loughran say its cool?

...Not necessarily in that order.



Is today’s modern art comparable to the great masterpieces of the past?

Absolutely. Just because its old doesn’t make it better or more valuable and similarly just because its fresh, shiny and new it doesn’t make something cooler. For me its about the piece at the end of the day not when it was created.