Elephant in the Gallery

 Dave White Elephant II Gallery Shot


With its grand stature on the canvas and bold blues, today we’re loving Dave White’s Elephant II. This timeless creature is captured perfectly by Dave’s dynamic brushwork, inspiring our endearment of the elephant with its big ears, long trunk and graceful walk.


Elephant II comes from Dave’s continually successful collection 'Natural Selection' which studies endangered species and their tactics for survival, with the elephant often hunted for its tusks to make ivory and medicines.


The elephant seems to remain a consistent theme in Dave’s work, however, even cropping up on his sneaker designs. In 2011, Dave collaborated with Nike to create bespoke sneakers, the Air Jordans, which feature the now signature elephant pattern.


Dave White Air Jordans Elephant

Someone at our Sold Out show wearing the exclusive sneakers


The pattern shows a cracked surface, just like that of tough, resilient elephant skin and features either as a strap across the foot or even as the trademark swoosh seen on Nike footwear. We love this little nod towards Dave’s art as a whole, tying together all his creative ventures perfectly!


You can see Elephant II at our Sprung show, open just off Kings Road in Chelsea until April 5th 2014.


A Chat with Dave White - Part 2 from Sneakerpedia on Vimeo.