Five Minutes With... Charlotte Miller

You’ve been in Muriel’s Kitchen Soho for half a year now, how do you like it here?

We love it! The vibe and the atmosphere in Soho is always ‘On’. The locals have really made us feel welcome as well as helping us to make positive improvements and keeping us on trend!


Now, it is Muriel’s Kitchen, so what important rules did Muriel live by?

Family first, good quality home-cooked meals! Muriel herself was very loyal and moral so these qualities have helped us to create the guidelines we run our business by. “Treat others how you would wish to be treated” is a rule we closely follow.


Takeover Launch - Juliette & Char


How do you think Muriel would like her Kitchen? If she were to walk through the doors now what things would put a smile on her face?

Spotting the Cordon Bleu Cookery Books that she gave to my Mother as a Wedding gift would definitely make her smile!


Now the important question: how excited are you for the Loughran Gallery Art Takeover??

Unbelievably excited!! I think this is going to be such a captivating event. I can’t wait to see all those paintings in our shed and watch our customers discover them nestled amongst our existing Bric a Brac!


Is it important to you to have art in the home?

It really is – since getting married, Sam and I have discovered our mutual passion for Art, especially Dave White and Jessica Zoob whose paintings we have at home. We often find ourselves staring at them and discover new parts each time we look.


Takeover Launch - Char & Sam


When you look at a piece of art how do you decide whether you like it?

I know instantly and can’t tear my eyes away. I don’t look for any particular style or technique – it will just shout at me if it’s my kind of thing!


When you’re not working how do you chill out?

I like to spend as much time as possible with the new addition to our family, Isobel. It is full on managing work and Motherhood so I like to take her swimming, have playtime and generally watch her laugh as much as I can! Of course it’s important to be grown up too so I see my friends and family.


If you had to define Muriel’s Kitchen in three words, which would you choose?

Seasonal, Hearty, Fun!


Muriel's Kitchen can also be found in South Kensington & Leicester Square.