Introducing: Dale vN Marshall

Dale Marshall Portrait


As the nights start to close in and we gather around pockets of bright light, it seems apt that the latest works to grace Loughran Gallery’s walls come from the wonderful Dale vN Marshall; unflinching, honest and deeply moving canvases mapping Marshall’s journey through illegal graffiti and the darkness of mental illness towards the light of emotional healing. Marshall’s work is testament to the catharsis that can be found in the creation of art.


Dale Marshall Cadogan Gardens


Dale Marshall Untitled 1 2 3

In the trilogy Untitled I, II and III, the eye is initially drawn to Marshall’s negotiation between texture and colour, layers of paint which, beneath a seeming randomness, reveal finely guided patterns as if recalling maps of thought and emotions enveloped by chaos. 


Moving closer, threads begin to emerge on the canvas: reds and greens cutting across the paint like scars and stitches across skin, referencing both damage but crucially also the possibility of redemption and representing the possibility of healing those emotional wounds sustained throughout Marshall’s seven-year long battle with clinical depression.


Similarly, the two black and yellow-toned canvases Mayfair Balloons I and II employ a seemingly random application of mixed media and oil based glaze. Yet, again, closer inspection reveals patterns that in these works take the shape of balloons,  suggesting a lift away from surrounding chaos and disorientation towards air.


Dale Marshall Untitled 1 2 3 Detail


In these canvases, we once again find Marshall’s recognisable use of thread, this time burning brightly in reds and burgundy against the black backdrop and tracing the canvasses towards the balloons as if to suggest a movement from emotional damage towards the creative and personal freedom the balloons’ ascent towards air come to symbolise. The symbolism of balloons holds many connotations for the artist, with them representing fear, paranoia and past drug use.


Dale Marshall Mayfair Balloons 1 Dale Marshall Mayfair Balloons 2


Dale Marshall Mayfair Balloons 2 Detail


These are paintings of undeniable significance, bearing testament to personal courage and creative vision. Loughran Gallery is delighted and proud to present the works of Dale vN Marshall at our gallery space at 43 Cadogan Gardens.