Five Minutes With... Nick Hudson


How old were you when you decided what you wanted to be in life?

I think I was about 7- when I knew I liked designing. I would just spend all available free time drawing pictures and submitting them to people for approval. Not all that unlike today!

What was your breakthrough moment in building your business, Nicholas Obolensky Design?

I think it was when I first started the business, I planted up an acre single handedly and realised that i could quite happily do that every day for the rest of my life without complaint.  I guess it was more  a re-affirmation that if you do what you love its really not work.


Nicholas Hudson


How do you like to start your day?

Slowly! I get up early, but its never easy. It involves lots of coffee, the I walk my two dogs and tend to my own garden before I start on other peoples.

What do you like to listen to when you work?

It depends on if I'm at my desk or have my head in a flower bed. If I'm concentrating I tend to listen to Debussy as I find it calming and helps me focus. If I'm out and about something more up-tempo!


Nicholas Obolensky Window Outside


Who's in your secret address book?

Ooh thats a tough one.  Shamefully the mobile pet groomers.



If you had to only eat in one restaurant again, which restaurant would choose?

A restaurant called Fishers in Oxford its where I took my now wife for our first date and its special to us.



How important is it for you to have art in your everyday life?

Very important I'm a very visual-centric person- Art plays a large part in my life.

Nicholas Obolensky Design


What sort of art would you have/do you have in your home?

I love anything organic/natural looking, I love natural/patinated materials in sculpture too.

Do you think we do enough as a society to introduce new generations to art?

I think if you ave an interest in anything you should seek it out and explore it yourself but I also think that we do do plenty as a society to put the opportunities to explorer in place for younger generations.

Lastly but certainly not least: if you were a superhero, which superpower would you have?

Ive always fancied being able to fly- Oh and read minds too- can I have two super powers?!



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