Introducing: Charlie Barton

By Amelia Tinton


Charlie Barton Portrait


An on-going theme runs throughout Charlie Barton's work; the cosmos has been a constant inspiration since she began her journey in art school, studying Fine Art at Kingston University where her enthusiasm for exploring the moon and space developed. Now creating large paintings with an almost sculptural feel to them, you can sense how she’s manipulated the paint and added layer upon layer, drawing you deeper into cosmos and exploring the outer world.

Painting this particular subject matter has allowed Charlie to explore relations between the human body and supernova explosions, putting us in touch with outer space, hundreds of light years away.  While the ideas are propelled by the cosmos, she works intuitively allowing the paintings to evolve at their own pace with no dictation.


Charlie Barton Aphrodite


     Charlie Barton Chandra


“I love the idea that every atom in our bodies comes from supernova explosions; that human beings are made of stardust," Charlie explains.  "That all matter is a composite of particles held together by electromagnetic energy so nothing is truly solid and everything is vibrant energy filled with life force.  Thus everything is interlinked;  we are connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically”


Charlie Barton In Studio

We are so excited to be housing some of Charlie’s paintings, taking us to another world everyday with so many different marks and layers on each canvas, there is constantly something new to discover.


With multiple group shows and many solo exhibitions, her work is becoming more and more renowned, with perhaps the biggest endorsement coming from astronomer Sir Patrick Moore who said of her work: "I’ve been looking at the moon all my life, but always as a scientist. Charlie shows the moon in a new perspective, she makes the lure of the moon even more irresistible." 


Charlie Barton Cygnus Snr