Gallery Girl goes…to make history in Berlin (PS I can’t be there)


Harland Miller Blain Southern 4


As a huge Harland Miller fan...(man and art)...I was super excited when Harland told me he was doing his first solo exhibition in Berlin, twenty five years since he lived in the city. So what better excuse to hop on a plane and explore the city whilst checking out the hottest show in town, Tonight We Make History (PS I Can’t be there) - a genius title in intself.  


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Time spent here in Berlin prior to the fall of the wall has proved significant in Millers work, as his inability to speak - and read - German contributed to his appreciation of the graphic properties of the written word, and understanding of typography as a powerful vehicle for audience engagement. The 22 artworks are typically Miller-esque; satiric, humorous and hauntingly nostalgic – and titles often re-appear from one canvas to another; demonstrating how composition, colour and typography can work together to alter meaning. Interpretation of the work is left to the viewer.


Harland Miller Hell Its Only Forever


Gallery Girl Berlin 4


While the theme of image/text relationships remains central in Millers body of work, Tonight We Make History (PS I Can’t Be There) sees him move on from his signature use of appropriated imagery to explore his own designs. These striking big-scale paintings take inspiration from the graphic, abstract language of psychological book covers from the 60s and 70s, exploring an era when positive messaging often masked societal neurosis.


Better Than Life     Back On The Worry Beads Harland Miller



Damien Graffiti Shark


After an evening of art with Harland and co., a cocktail on the roof of a gallery girl's favourite home from home Soho House went down a treat (after a quick squeal over Damien Hirst's shark that is). Saturday was spent mooching through the streets on foot at first, before wheels were adopted to cycle to the best bakery in town - Zeit Fuer Brot - the Chelsea Buns are INCREDIBLE here, thank-you Suitcase Magazine for the recommendation....although my waistline isn't quite so appreciative! It's amazing how much ground you can cover on a bike, the Brandenburg Gate was definitely a highlight for me. A sneaky bit of retail therapy was had in Alex Eagle's amazing space The Store, summer's coming after all.  And then all too soon it was time to get back to London, just in time for the next adventure....see you in a couple of days Frieze, New York.  


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Suitcase Magazine Covers


Berlin, we love you, and Tonight We Make History (PS I Can’t Be There) is an exhibition not to be missed...! See for yourself from 30 April 2016 – 30 July 2016 at Blain Southern, Berlin: Potsdamer Straße 77-87, 10785 Berlin, Germany. 


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