Miller's One Bar Electric Memoir


Writer turned contemporary artist Harland Miller’s latest collection of works ‘One Bar Electric Memoir’ have taken over White Cube and we are so excited! An amalgam of two spereate series of works the exhibition demonstrates Harland's hendonistic humor and his writers love of language alongside his accute understanding of colour; it wont fail to brighten your mood... 


Miller One Bar 2


Miller One Bar 1


Upon entry to the exhibition expect to be wow-ed with walll-to-wall colour and make the most of this unique opportunity to get up close to each artwork for an insight into the artists process; experience the organic layers and smudges that contrast with the sharp geometric lines and quick witted copy.


Harland Miller Immediate Relief 


Harland Miller Circling Ads



Exploring the relationship between viewer, image, colour and text Miller draws inspiration from 1960s psychology books and their Pop Art covers to manifest his metaphysical interest. Playing with the capacity of colour to determine the meaning of a sentence he demonstrates how an “alarming red or contemplative blue” imposes a specific reading of the writing. 


Miller One Bar 4


The ‘fix-it’ attitude of 1970s social science is gently satirised by Miller with titles such as ‘Immediate relief… coming soon’ (2017) and dry smiles and knowing nods greet his bold pieces, set above retro-inspired original designs which mark a change from Miller’s Penguin Classic style. These pieces are complimented by smaller, rougher works in which his bravery as an artist shines through. Here Miller lets the paint speak for itself, the raw energy of the pigment obscures his own name and the power of colour is clear. 


Harland Miller Filthy Thought


Harland Miller If


In contrast to his primary body of work, the seccond series on show sees Miller deliberately muddle each image with blurred text to relinquish control of its reading to the audience. Exploiting his understanding of colour Miller draws the eye to hidden patterns in the letters to uncover the magical in the mundane as he explores the nature of subjective experience to determine different readings of a single letter.


Miller One Bar 3


A truly electrifying experience, Harland Miller’s exploration of text, image and the mind One Bar Electric Memoir is open until the 9th of September 2017 at White Cube, Mason’s Yard.