From Rags To Polyester


Storytelling connects us with each other and helps us make sense of the world - as human’s, we’re wired to tell stories – which might explain why we’re so enamoured with the Artist Residence’s latest bolt-hole.


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Built around the semi-fictional backstory of a flamboyant previous landlord who refused to acknowledge the smoking ban back in 2007, the 16th-century farmhouse’s original features (think flagstone flooring, open fires, dark wooden panelling, rustic beams and exposed brick and stone) have been lovingly restored and have clearly influenced the pub’s eclectic style.


Known for their unique design aesthetic the Artist Residence owners have paired House of Hackney and William Morris & Co Wallpapers with furniture hand-picked at auction houses and ordered from eBay – alongside a fantastic art collection – which add to the feeling of authenticity. Several neon artworks including an oversize cross and a sign that reads ‘What did I do last night’ illuminate the bar, and Harland Millers 'Rags To Polyester' hangs sentinel at the door.


Known for his large-scale humorous book-covers, Harland Miller’s work celebrates the book as an object to treasure – he says “I remember my parents’ Penguin books. For me, they are about nostalgia for a by-gone era – that musty smell, those coffee-mug rings, the often heart-breaking inscriptions on the inside cover.” – and we can just imagine Mr. Hanbury settling down into a cosy corner at The Mason Arms with a cup of coffee and a Penguin Classic…


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