Eclectic Collecting

Now that the art-crazy month of October has passed and with the festive period coming fast upon us, we hope you're full of inspiration for what your next piece will be! But if you're still umming and ahhing do not fret, let Loughran Gallery show you our pick of this month's best buys...



Chris Levine 

This pioneering light-artist produces portraits of great cultural icons using clever, never-before-used techniques: a real talking point for your room.


Chris Levine, Kate's Light (2)  Chris Levine, Lightness of Being  Chris Levine, She's Light (2)

£7,200 | £9,600 | £7,200



Marc Quinn, Eye of History Etchings

From poignant editions questioning beauty to cool, understated woodcut prints which capture the essence of our DNA - Marc Quinn's work is thoughtful and unique. These etchings contemplate our role in the world from three distinct perspectives...


Marc Quinn, Eye of History II  Marc Quinn, Eye of History III  Marc Quinn, Eye of History IV

£2,000 each



Dave White, Aquatic Box Set

We're down to the very last few of this stand-out work in Dave White's portfolio. The Box Set, from the internationally adored collection Aquatic, is a collector's piece consisting of four giclee editions hand finished with 24 carat gold leaf, all in a luxury cloth bound box.


Dave White Aquatic Box Set




Damien Hirst, Psalm Print (3ft)

Butterflies are one of Hirst's most enduring motifs. From The Souls to Psalm Print, these engimatic pieces capture Hirst's fascination with the fragility, beauty and brief lifespan of the tiny creature. Psalm Print: Benedictus Dominus is dramatic yet delicate...


Damien Hirst Psalm Print: Benedictus Dominus




Jessica Zoob, Reckless

Jessica is fast becoming one of the most highly sought-after artists with her award-winning designs and inspiring works. Reckless 1, 2 and 3 are three beautiful oils which show Jessica's colourful and vibrant nature, a theme which will be explored in her upcoming 2015 collection Playtime...


Jessica Zoob Reckless 1, 2, 3

£6,000 each



For more information on these or any of our other pieces, email us at [email protected]