Dave White, Aquatics

Our planet is unique in its biodiversity. Lions, elephants, parrots, horses, mice, crocodiles... plus the 6.5 million other species that roam the earth's surface every day. Some species are dying out, some species are flourishing and some are only just being discovered today. But each species is intricately linked to the next in the delicate web that is the natural world.


But those 6.5 million are just the creatures that walk and fly on land, but there's a whole other world of creatures out there that are only just beginning to be found. These are the animals that live in our vast oceans and deep seas that cover 70% of the world's surface.


Dave White Octopus I


As an extension to his ever-popular Natural Selection series, Dave White's latest works explore the amphibious animals that live in ocean waters. Aquatics sees White capture sea turtles, sharks, seahorses, octopuses and various tropical fish in the dynamic, galvanising style his art has become so well known for. Looking at these Aquatics works is to become a deep sea diver, mesmerised as vibrant, exotic sea creatures emerge from the blue in front of your eyes.


Dave White Aquatics Box Set Seahorse  Dave White Aquatics Box Set Fighting Fish


Each ocean animal floats on the fine art paper, with the frame becoming the tank in which the subject swims. Many of the works in the series have been accomplished using watercolour, the perfect medium for this subject matter, giving each piece that extra dimension when exploring the Aquatic theme.


Even the power and force of the fearsome shark is commanded in watercolour, as White said in a recent interview with the Independent: "With no disrespect to anyone who uses the medium, watercolour is often thought of as twee," [White] says. "I like to turn that on its head and make these things massive and explosive. The most important factor is that oils and watercolours move in an organic way which adds a dimension of animation."


Dave White, Sea Turtle IV


An aquarium of Aquatics are available to view at Loughran Gallery's Sprung show, open at 7-9 Tryon Street until April 12th.