Dave White, Apex

Dave White, Apex 3


From the grand waters of the British Isles to the crashing ocean off California’s coast; a new exhibition opening in Los Angeles with Gusford Gallery today sees Dave White’s great white sharks make their way across the Atlantic to an already eager U.S. audience.


The show, called Apex, features a series of oil paintings conceptualised around the iconography of the great white. These are creatures that are simultaneously feared and revered, making ideas of power and vulnerability key themes of the series.


Dave White, Apex 2


A series expanding from the larger, exciting series Aquatics, the duality present in Dave’s sharks provokes a build up of tension within the viewer, which ultimately cultivating an apex of power and strength.


Dave White’s status as an international artist will be testified once more with the LA show, building on previous international successes in Copenhagen, New York and Hong Kong.


The great white theme has also caught the attention of national press here in the UK, with The Independent publishing a full-feature interview with Dave whilst the very first examples of the series went on show with Loughran Gallery at the Sprung exhibition.


Dave White, Apex 1


Make sure you keep an eye on this fast-moving artist, who has also been recognised by Shortlist as one of the figures to watch in British culture. These great white sharks, as paintings that have tamed a wild subject matter and in turn exude that captured power, are a testament to the style and ambition of Dave White, and are certainly not ones to miss.


Dave White, Apex 4

Images courtesy of Juliette Loughran & Gusford Gallery.