Walls With Wounds Dale vN Marshall


‘I wanted to document the journey from poor health to good health; and destruction and repair. I really try hard to focus on balancing the opposites of dark and beauty to created beautiful pieces of work. […] I see these paintings as alive, as part of myself, reflections, abstract self portraits.’

This was how Dale Marshall described his approach and relationship to his art in anticipation of the launch of his solo exhibition ‘Walls With Wounds’ at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry in February 2014. The exhibition can in many respects be considered the gateway to Marshall’s art; his thematic concerns, creative practice and the personal journey leading up to his emergence as a fine art painter.


Dale Marshall Walls With Wounds 2

Crucially, it was also the show which brought him to the public’s attention and attracted extensive praise of his work; the Birmingham Post enthused about Marshall’s canvases, describing them as ‘beautiful raw abstract paintings’, while Stephen Fry turned to Twitter to spread the word of the exhibition where ‘huge, vibrant paintings document a journey through mental illness’.


'Walls With Wound's since led to numerous other engagements for Marshall, the most recent being solo exhibition ‘Cut Up and Rewired’ in October–December 2015 at the Anno Domini Gallery in California; a solo showing with Vanessa Brodrick Fine Art at the LAPADA art fair in September 2015; and the August 2014 exhibition ‘Beauty In The Wound’ with Soze Gallery in Los Angeles.


Dale Vn Marshall Walls With Wounds

Marshall’s exposed and deeply personal work has now made it to Loughran Gallery’s walls where they continue to tell the story about the transformative power of art, or as Marshall said in an interview about ‘Walls With Wounds’; ‘I am keen to put myself forward about my experiences and be honest in the process […] Having a psychotic breakdown and finding the strength through art has helped me rehabilitate’.