Marc Quinn's Fossil Record


Contemporary artist Marc Quinn exploits the aesthetic pleasure derived from the orchid recurrently in his work, to vocalise ideas surrounding the perception of beauty, temporality and human desire. Corrupt, the irrefutable beauty of the Fossil Record series alludes to this sinister subtext. 


Immortalising the orchid in a varying states of bloom via the Chine-collé printmaking technique (a particular method which allows for printing on delicate surfaces to pull finer details off the plate) Quinn employs the materiality of the object, both in its elemental composition and surface appearance to enforce these ideas. 


Marc Quinn Age Of Aluminium Fossil Record

 Fossil Record, The Age of Aluminium 


Marc Quinn Ice Strata 1 Fossil Record

Fossil Record, Ice Strata (1st layer)


Fossil Record Concrete Strata

 Fossil Record, Concrete Strata


Engaging both the head and the heart, these alluring orchid artworks conceived by one of the leading artists of our generation are guaranteed to make an excellent addition to any collection.