iSpy a ‘stealth portrait’

A hop skip and a jump ahead of the 'selfie' curve Marc Quinn started making his Iris Paintings in 2009. Highlighting vision as the predominant sense in the age of the Internet, these super close up ‘stealth portraits’ explore the eye as a mirror of the soul but also as a kind of microscopic map of an individual's identity…


Ispy A Marc Quinn Stealth Portrait


‘The eye is…the only internal organ you can see from the outside’, says Quinn, ‘the iris is in a way our doorway to the world, it is the window we see out of and the doorway for light to enter and interact with our nervous system’


A crescendo of colour, enlarged and consequently abstracted, the spectrum of spectacular burnt to bright orange, grey and green hues in this extraordinary eye portrait pop against the neutral tones in this contemporary living space to instill a sense of cohesion; soft and spherical the work contrasts against the mantelpiece and haphazard arrangement of hexagonal stools which achieves balance.


We can’t think of a more perfect place to curl up and contemplate the etymology of the iris…