Harland Miller, Overcoming Optimism

Renowned for his quick-witted way with words, writer-turned-artist Harland Miller re-appropriates Original Penguin book covers, in paint and subsequently in print, to amuse and inspire the imagination.


Harland Miller Overcoming Optimism Installation


Huge Harland fans we just had to share this installation of Overcoming Optimism; not only is the piece an archetypal example of the artist’s mordacious humor, with it’s grey background atop grey walls, and framed in white the silkscreen print appears made for the monochromatic space.


With slick white and silver surfaces offset with an exquisite marble splash back, which also compliments the painted texture in the piece, the Gucci-esque clash of orange and purple injects energy into the room – it’s a match made in heaven…whose cooking?