Hang your eclectic art collection


With the focus on the collective affect rather than the individual works, the Salon style hang is great for those who, like us, have an eclectic appetite for art. Here’s our illustrated top-tips to help you get started…


Play with scale


Johstonhartig 716X500


Here, Damien Hirst’s huge Spin Painting acts to anchor this arrangement, it doesn’t matter how random the placement of the other pieces, they still look considered.


Be careful with colour




While a disparate palette can inject energy into a space, Soho House art advisor Francesca Gavin has a penchant for black and white: “We collect a lot of monochrome pieces,” she says. “Lots of humor, lots of hedonism, references to drinks and sex.” Subtle pops of colour in pieces like Jonathan Yeo's Cara Study set the mood at Soho House Miami.


And remember


1515 Wm Sala 09


The beauty of Art is that it doesn’t always need to match its surroundings – contemporary pieces can be quite striking in traditional settings and vice versa. Marc Quinn's spherical Eye Painting looks magnificent in this geometric space.