Love Saves The Day In Pimlico


Famed for his ever-extending body of work inspired by nostalgia for the iconic Penguin book cover, contemporary artist Harland Miller marries elements of pop art, abstraction and figurative painting to entertain; with work ranging from the hilarious and absurd to the melancholic, his oeuvre has achieved him international acclaim.


Csk 1


With art at the heart of everything they do at the Artist Residence hotel group - an eccentric bunch unexpectedly homely, fun and friendly small hotels dotted around the UK - we were thrilled to spy one of his works sitting pretty in Pimlico at their all-day eatery the Cambridge Street Kitchen. Framed in black the Love Saves The Day wow’s as you walk in the door; we dare you to try and tear your eyes away as you tuck in to something tasty!




Belonging to the ten-bedroom London hotel, the reataruant - a revived Victorian boozer - boasts an eclectic art collection built to feed your soul while head chef Elliot Miller takes care of the rest…we he(art) Cambridge Street Kitchen!