#LifeDrawingLive with Jonathan Yeo

Life Drawing Live With Jonathan Yeo


From Leonardo da Vinci to Lucian Freud, drawing the figure from life has been fundamental in the practice of the fine arts for centuries, and a two-hundred and fifty-year tradition at the Royal Academy in London. To celebrate they’ve scheduled a life-drawing class with world renowned artist Jonathan Yeo at the helm, and the invitation’s extended to all…


Not an experienced artist?* No problem! Although traditionally a tool used by artists to hone observational skills, this life drawing lesson promises to unleash creativity in everyone, regardless of their drawing ability. A study at Newcastle University has even suggested the process can help prevent memory-loss, oh and did we mention you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your living room?  The session will mark the first ever life class, live streamed from the Royal Academy!


Life Drawing At The Ra


[*Neither was Jonathan Yeo, who taught himself to paint in his twenties, before going on to paint pop stars, royalty, and even members of the Russian Maffia…but that’s another story. ]


Life Drawing Room At The Ra


Jonathan Yeo is renowned for pushing the boundaries of portraiture and famed for his images of iconic figures including Prince Phillip, Cara Delevingne, and George W Bush (whose controversial collaged portrait was made entirely of clippings from hardcore porn magazines). With a major monographic at The National Portrait Gallery, curatorship of the art collection at the Soho House Group, and a BBC documentary under his belt, his life drawing class is a once in a life time opportunity to learn from a true 21st century master.


Jonathan Yeo Cara Study I


Keep a close eye on the RA’s social channels for further details on the live-stream event, and tips on materials which you could use in the class -   although a few sheets of paper and a pen or pencil is all you really need.