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Starting with a series of short poses Jonathan Yeo led the first ever live-streamed life class from the drawing rooms at the Royal Academy in London last week. The event provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with a world-renowned artist on your observational and drawing skills; but don’t worry if you didn’t manage to make it (we understand; life happens…maybe the boiler broke, or your cat got stuck in a tree), the class is now available for you to catch up on here, on YouTube


In the quick fire warm up round, Yeo suggests taking advantage of the fact that you may be having to work faster than you’d like to ‘it forces you to work instinctively…When your in a hurry you just blast in with areas of colour and the relative light and dark, and that can be a way of actually finding yourself doing something you wouldn’t usually do’…’which is always interesting’ – this is when you actually learn new things.  


Life Drawing Live 3


And in the breaks between each progressively longer pose the artist shares his wisdom and tips and tricks of the trade from the historic space in which Turner, Van Gogh, Gainsborough have all worked, referencing the likes of Michelangelo – the master of light, and sharing work sent in by others at home to inspire you.


Life Drawing Live 1


Life Drawing Live 2


Answering questions from his live audience, Yeo addresses concerns such as where to start – “I’d say a different bit every time, you don’t want to much of a formula for these kind of things. The point of doing this sort of thing in particular is to try out different approaches, and if you get too comfortable doing things in a certain way that can kind of stop your development”, and what do do if you make a mistake; embrace it! – “In some cases rubbers are banned in life rooms, because the idea is that the mistakes are all part of it, and it doesn’t matter.”


Life Drawing Live 5


So grab a pencil and some paper, and let’s see what you’ve got…