Dave White Makes It Count


Dave White’s animal paintings typically come to life on canvas and paper, occasionally aluminium, and once in a while he turns his hand to something more unusual – like the time he painted an exquisite sparrow in flight across the body of an exquisite E-Type Jaguar, or when he reimagined his Albion artworks on the Nike Air Max 95’s – this time, he’s manifested his work in miniature, on an old five pound note…


Dave White Fiversforartistic


…and he’s not the only one. Peter Blake, Damien Hirst, The Chapman Brothers and Gilbert and George have all been busy making small scale artworks that’ll make our old £5 notes count again. Each mini masterpiece is part of a project conceived by ‘Fivers For Artistic’, and their aim is to collect two hundred painted banknotes to auction to raise enough money to launch as ‘Artistic UK’ a CIO charity.


Run by volunteers the charity will make it its mission to support and mentor new young artists – many of whom are autistic – to overcome barriers and become self-sustaining in the art world. With 57 fivers in hand so far, they plan on auctioning off the altruistic art at the end of the year! If, like us, this cause is close to your heart and you’d like to show your support you can follow their progress on Instagram here