An art collectors dream house


Close your eyes for a moment and picture your dream house in London. We imagine it might look a little like this classic ‘Tonsley’s’ house, with leaves and blossoms carved over the windows and a tiled front path, and an interior specifically designed to showcase your art collection…


Harland Miller Ispy 2


Hailing from antique dealer parents a young Oliver Howell was sent off to bid at auction in his school holidays, so its unsurprising that he ended up in the fine art and interior design business, transporting and installing art and other luxury goods around the world for A-list clients. As a man who’s worked on installations for the Tate, the V&A and the British Council it’s also par for the course that Howell collects contemporary art.


Harland Miller Ispy 1 


He’s also re-designed his house to display it. Employing architects to streamline the property, the same wood flooring runs from the front door to the kitchen, which opens out into the living area which is dominated by Harland Miller’s huge ‘Bull Seeks China Shop’ - an ironic nod to his adroit nature.


Harland Miller Ispy 3


Other artworks on show include Swimmer and Big Island by photographer Alistair Taylor Young, and a print called ‘In Shadows I Boogie’ by photographer Miles Aldridge – in which the figure holds a Harland Miller novel. Clearly a favorite in Howells collection, another faux-Penguin book cover by Miller titled Too Cool to Lose hangs else-where in the house.


Halrand Miller Ispy 5


Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and a new glass roof paired with a clean and tranquil design have transformed this once rail-workers’ cottage, into a home-cum-gallery space. It’s an art-collectors dream house. 


Images courtesy of Homes & Property