Dave White X Edge Magazine


While universally accepted as a form of media, Video Gaming has long been debated as an artform. The aesthetics and principles of gaming have become intrinsically linked with modern mainstream culture, and artist Dave White has extended his oeuvre to include a series of paintings to celebrate some of the 20th centuries defining gaming characters. Drawing inspiration from sources diverse as endangered species to the Nike Air Max, Dave White is renowned for exploring Pop Culture in his signature painting style –  it was no surprise when Edge Magazine commissioned him to create the four artworks for their 25th anniversary edition.


Dave White Edge Mag 1


The four covers – depicting Mario, Master Chief, Guile and Knight Solaire rolled off the print rack last week, with the Solaire edition limited to just 100 and hand-signed by the artist. The magazine released a box-set alongside the stand-alone copies, with each containing all four issues of the magazine where the Edge masthead has been removed to bring White’s stunning brushwork to the fore, and supplies are limited. 


‘To celebrate Edge magazines 25-year anniversary I was commissioned to make 4 images of 4 of the most important games from the past 25 years which grace the covers. Solaire from Dark Souls cover is ltd to 100 and have all been personally signed... I’ve been a gamer for 40 years so this was a massive honour and a lot of fun.’ 


Dave White Edge Mag 2


With iconic pop-culture characters remained by a globally celebrated artist, and in short supply - these incredible prints are certain to inject some excitement into any collection.