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Together with Tusk


The rhino is a magnificent creature and a gift of nature that Forevermark is committed to protecting for future generations. To celebrate this incredible species and raise awareness of the critical threat facing them, Forevermark is honored to be supporting Tusk on The Tusk Rhino Trail in central London.


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Beginning on the 20th August 2018, the Tusk Rhino Trail is a London wide art installation that sees 21 rhino sculptures displayed at a selection of iconic sites throughout the city. Raising vital funds to ensure the continued conservation of rhinos, each sculpture has been specially designed, decorated and embellished by an invited list of internationally respected artists and designers. 


The trail concludes with the celebration of World Rhino Dayon the 22nd September 2018, where the unique artworks will then go to auction in aid of Tusk on October 9th 2018 at an event hosted by leading London auction house, Christies.


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Protecting nature’s treasures


The rhino is a creature of beauty and magnificence, however it’s being pushed towards extinction as rhino populations across Africa are in critical danger. It’s important to protect rhinos so future generations can continue to enjoy them and all of nature’s treasures. 


Thanks to the actions of determined conservationists and everyday individuals who are getting behind this cause, global rhino populations are on the rise, but further action is needed to ensure that this is continued. 


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‘Fragile’ by Dave White


In support of Tusk and the trail, Forevermark is proud to partner with contemporary British artist Dave White, who dedicates his artwork to celebrating popular culture and interpreting emotive issues. When talking about his rhino design, titled ‘Fragile’, White says:


“Reflecting a realistic vision from a distance, with an abstraction of expressive paint marks upon closer viewing, my work represents the fragile balance of order and chaos in the natural world and the impact that we are having on our environment. I hope that by inspiring generations of all ages with this project, it will be one small positive step to support Tusk in their vital work protecting endangered species.”


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"…my work represents the fragile balance of order and chaos in the natural world and the impact that we are having on our environment" Dave White


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