We still have work to do

Washington DC captured by @nadiabelle

Washington DC by Nadia Aziz @nadiabelle


We’ve taken a moment to reflect over the news over the past few weeks. Like so many of you, we’re outraged at the loss of life and the persistent unequal treatment of the Black community. We’ve been listening, learning and are determined to continue to drive positive change and acknowledge our responsibility to be part of the solution.

To best serve the art community, we must do more to actively support and represent more diverse and marginalised communities and artists.

We will be committing our time and resources to represent and promote more Black and marginalised artists in our future editorial coverage and exhibitions, and will continue to develop meaningful ways to use our voice and platform to fight injustice. 

We commit to doing better every day and sharing more about our efforts as they take shape. If you have feedback for us, please share your thoughts.


The recent protests against police brutality have delivered a variety of images that are sure to be remembered in years to come. Here we share those that have moved us by @nadiabelle, @ericafkiaras, @spreadthabird and @ryansolimeo.


New York BLM protest by Erica Fkiaras

Erica Fkiaras's sign advocating for Black Lives Matter based on Heart Talk by @cleowade. Credit: @ericafkiaras

Black Lives Matter event by Michelle Bird

Black Lives Matter event in Long Beach, California by Michelle Bird, www.spreadthabird.com

End Racism Now by @ryansolimeo

END RACISM NOW Fishtown 2020 Girard Ave by @ryansolimeo

New York BLM protest by Erica Fkiaras

New York BLM protest by Erica Fkiaras @ericafkiaras